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Facebook page for WIN branch of ORG Schulschwestern - Austria

Facebook1_0.jpgThe intention behind this project was to find ways to make the activities and projects of the new school branch WIN visible for parents, the school community and the wider public (which includes potential new pupils). In the long run a social media page might also be set up for the natural sciences branch of the school. The ultimate goal of this project is to update the school’s marketing strategies by aligning them with the current trend towards social media. The Facebook page will go online in autumn 2018, as soon as the first projects of the WIN branch have started. The projects and activities of the WIN branch will include innovation classes, company visits as well as company cooperation. The intended beneficiaries of the project are pupils, whose work will be showcased, their parents, who get a glimpse of their children’s activities and performance, potential new pupils (and their parents) who get an impression of what this school branch is about and the school as a whole, if the Facebook page proves to be a valuable marketing tool.
Within the teacher training workshops, a prototype of the Facebook page (mock-ups) for the WIN branch was developed. It will go online in autumn 2018.