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Read and write - Hungary

School: Kerepesi Széchenyi István Primary School, Hungary

Basic data about the school: 474 students, 49 teachers, 23 classes

Project description

The idea of the project is to encourage students to read more either in their mother tongue or in a foreign language and write their own stories.


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After selecting a short story, the students are given the title of each paragraph. They have to write their own stories chapter by chapter. When they have finished, they can compare their own stories to each others’ and to the original one. After that they have the opportunity to decide which story to continue working with. There are many ways how students, teachers, parents and other citizens can be involved in the implementation of the project. Students can

  • have a competition
  • make illustrations
  • play a performance, radio play
  • find/write music for the performance
  • make a video
  • print it etc.

As a benefit students have fun, read stories, their creativity goes ahead, they spend more time together. They can achieve their goals with cooperation, collaboration and project work.

Project team

Students from the 7th – 8th grades, English teacher


The project is intended for students, teachers and other citizens


  • number of students involved in the project: 20-25
  • number of teachers involved in the project: 1
  • number of other stakeholders (e.g. parents, policy makers, etc) involved in the project: not yet