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Good mood readers - Slovenia

School: Trnovo Basic School (Osnovna šola Trnovo), Slovenia

Basic data about the school: 688 students, 66 teachers, 27 classes

Project description

Our mission is to increase students' reading motivation by designing and implementing a stimulating reading environment in cooperation with the local community, which will result in increasing joy of reading and will thereby strengthen literacy.

We will establish a collaboration  with old people’s home nearby school, where the students will go to read and socialize with the elderly. This will stimulate children to develop better reading techniques, raise motivation for reading and intergenerational socializing. We are also considering upgrading and enriching other activities (reading under the canopy, reading corners in the corridor, reading to the younger children in a nearby Kindergarten, changing the reading badge competition and activities for reading at home).

Project team

Mojca Gorjup, Romana Jereb, Mojca Kodrič (Primary school teachers)


The main beneficiaries will be students, but also children from Kindergarten and elderly people, so it will have beneficial effect for the whole community.


  • number of students involved in the project: 9 classes (aprox. 250 children)
  • number of teachers involved in the project: aprox. 9 teachers
  • number of other stakeholders (e.g. parents, policy makers, etc) involved in the project: Kindergarten, Old people’s home, Municipality of Ljubljana, parents of involved students