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School garden as a peace oasis - Slovenia

School: Trnovo Basic School (Osnovna šola Trnovo), Slovenia

Basic data about the school: 688 students, 66 teachers, 27 classes

Project description

The main goal of the project is to improve the school garden with some innovative solutions

  • portable beds for vegetables, herbs and flowers,
  • a gutter with plastic bottles for collecting rainwater,
  • benches made out of palletes;

The vision is:

  • to improve the conditions for the school garden and turn it into even more fertile and self-sufficient with its own water source,
  • turn it into an outdoor classroom, into a space for relaxation, reading, socializing, music therapy and exchanging knowledge and harvest,
  • to involve students, teachers and the wider community –  a nearby kindergarten and old people’s home.

Project team

Iza Dojer (Primary school teacher), Tatjana Vintar (Primary school teacher), David Imperl (PE teacher), Petra Kos (German teacher), Bojana Glatz (Music teacher)


The main beneficiaries will be students but also teachers, children from nearby kindergarten, elderly people from our community, so it would have beneficial effect on the whole neighbourhood.


  • number of students involved in the project: a group of 8th and 9th grade students, one 3rd grade class, one 4th grade class
  • number of teachers involved in the project: 7 teachers
  • number of other stakeholders (e.g. parents, policy makers, etc) involved in the project: Municipality of Ljubljana, Merkur (local store)