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Silent clouds incorporated - Slovenia

School: Trnovo Basic School (Osnovna šola Trnovo), Slovenia

Basic data about the school: 688 students, 66 teachers, 27 classes

Project description


The project has evolved to solve the  following problems: long queues, etiquette , students'  attitude and consequetnly  the noise in the dining hall/ cafeteria. The aim is to change the cafeteria into a place with  less noise and a cozy atmosphere where students can socialize and enjoy the food.
The students have been involved in the project since the beginning. They have produced silent clouds with rhyming proverbs and have written some golden rules. Some students have been asked to discuss the problem and write their solutions, one of which has been displayed  on the school pannel. Other steps are to be implemented with the new school year.

Project team

Merita Korenica (English teacher), Tina Ilgo (Chinese language teacher), Filipe de Almeida (English teacher), Nevenka Dolenc (PE teacher)


The main beneficiaries will be students but also teachers and employees of cafeteria, so it would have beneficial effect on the whole school community.


  • number of students involved in the project: all students (1st to 9th grade)
  • number of teachers involved in the project: a group of interested teachers (the number will be known in the beginning of new school year)
  • number of other stakeholders (e.g. parents, policy makers, etc) involved in the project: not known at the moment