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Social room for teachers - Austria


The aim of the project is to create a social and recreational retreat for teachers. The existing conference room does not serve this purpose at all. Everyday school life is becoming increasingly demanding, so teachers need to be able to retreat and recover on one hand but also socialize and meet to discuss issues of importance to them. In order to fulfil all these requirements, the design of this space should be appealing and comfy and also facilitate communication among staff members (and in exceptional cases with student representatives as well).

After the project’s prototyping phase was completed, the prototype model was handed over to the school provider since the implementation requires the consent of the school provider (Sr. Sonja), who would also have to initiate all the structural changes necessary to get the project going. The main beneficiaries of this project clearly are the teaching staff, but the fact that they have a retreat and have a better infrastructure for and problem- and conflict solving communication, means that they will be more relaxed, which would improve the school’s working climate and therefore have a beneficial effect on the whole school community as well.

Talks between teacher representatives and the school provider responsible for the realization of this project are currently taking place and the teaching staff hope to receive a response by the end of the school year.