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Firstly, the InnoTeach Innovation Training Model was set up. Almost 80 InnoTeach mentors were trained and internationally certified, namely from Slovenia, Hungary and Austria. In cooperation with hundreds of pupils, they developed 16 innovative projects, which tackle various challenges.
The InnoTeach project empowers the innovation mind-set in the European Union by way of establishing learning environments in schools which fertilize the grounds for young people to apply innovation principles in problem solving and at the same time learn about entrepreneurship concepts. These can be used everywhere; in all school subjects, in daily situations in school and in real life challenges.
Slovenia, Austria and Hungary invest a lot in the field of innovation, yet there are still challenges to be faced involving innovation in all fields. One of them is related to the educational system which has to be continuously adapted to the needs of the modern society with key topics of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CI&E) which are crucial competences that cannot be taught in a simple manner.