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InnoTEACH – Training program


 The research and development of new and improved services, systems, and products is an important driver for the European market. Innovation requires people that can interact in innovation teams, innovative and new ideas, creative environments supporting the creation of innovation, and innovation processes that support the entire chain from idea creation to the implementation of an innovation project. Innovation is intimately linked with entrepreneurship. Ideas, Innovation and Entrepreneurship are considered the keys to a wealthy and sustainable economy. The InnoTEACH project empowers the innovation mind-set in the European Union by establishing learning environments in schools which fertilize the grounds for young people to apply innovation principles in problem solving and learning about entrepreneurship concepts at the same time

Training plan


The InnoTEACH skills set structure is outlined in Figure below.  There are three main skills units: U1 Development of Innovation, U2 Innovative Teaching, and U3 Making Innovation Work. U stands for Skills Unit. E stands for Learning element. For each element there is a training with exsercises.

InnoTeach Skills Set - Unit and Elements Level

For each element there are :
1.        Performance criteria - concrete learning outcomes
2.        Training slides
3.        Exercises
4.        Test (mandatory parts to upload for skills assessment)

Therefore the full program contains 44 modules.


During the course the teachers perform a set of mandatory exercises. Teachers register with the ECQA skills portal and upload the exercises as ewvidences.

Based on the uploaded evidences a skills assessment against the skill card riteria is done and a certificate is ussued by ECQA.

More information

Find a White paper published in SPRINGER Verlag here...

Registration for Certification

You can register to access the online skills browsing, self assessment
functions here...


  • Korona plus d.o.o., Institut za inovativnost in tehnologijo (Project leader, Slovenia)
  • Osnovna sola Trnovo (Slovenia)
  • Osnovna sola Louisa Adami?a Grosuplje (Slovenia)
  • I.S.C.N. GesmbH (Austria)
  • ORG Grazer Schulschwestern (Austria)
  • iTStudy Hungary Szamitastechnikai Oktato- es Kutatokozpont Kft. (Hungary)
  • Turai Hevesy Gyorgy Altalanos Iskola (Hungary)
  • Kerepesi Szechenyi Istvan Altalanos Iskola es Alapfoku Muveszeti Iskola (Hungary)



The InnoTEACH project has been funded with support from the European Com-mission under the Programme: Erasmus+, KA2, Strategic Partnerships for school education with the Project No. 2016-1-SI01-KA201-021641.